Youth Programme

Choice • Control • Creativity

Education is defined as the manifestation of the perfection already in man. The word educate is derived from Latin. It means ‘to draw out’. Etymologically education therefore is drawing out rather than pushing in. Deviating from this basic principle of education, the present educational systems mainly focus on feeding information from extrinsic sources. With minimum provision for students to pause, reflect and examine its intrinsic worth.

Students are expected to excel in academic subjects, sports and extra-curricular activities. They have to withstand pressures and overcome nervousness during times of examinations and interviews. Before they realize they are drawn into a rat race of fierce competition and struggle. Scope of education is not merely to provide them intelligence by which they can earn a living. Education should develop the core strength of any individual from within i.e. INTELLECT. Liberal education, uncontaminated with utilitarian motives, should enable an individual to:

  • Make right choice at every juncture of life like course of study, career etc.
  • Instill core values to control the whims and fancies of your mind.
  • Ignite the spark of creativity in you when you confront real-life situations.
Standard of LIVING is improved by intelligence whereas Standard of LIFE enhanced by intellect.

Upon request, Vedanta Institute Kolkata conducts sessions on SCIENCE OF SELF-MANAGEMENT for students and teachers of Schools, Colleges and other Educational Institutions. A few topics:

  1. 1.Purpose of Education
  2. 2.Faith, Intelligence & Intellect
  3. 3.Science of Success
  4. 4.Leadership and Team Work
  5. 5.Value Education
  6. 6.Life and Cricket
  7. 7.Power of Emotion
  8. 8.Setting Goals in Life
  9. 9.Practical Aids for Self-Development
  10. 10.Self Discovery

Some of the Institutes Addressed by Vedanta Institute Kolkata:

  • IIT Kharagpur
  • IIM Shillong
  • IISWBM, Kolkata
  • The Heritage School, Kolkata
  • MCKV Institute of Engineering, Howrah
  • Globsyn Business School, Kolkata
  • Future Group of Institutes, Kolkata