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Science of Self-Management

We observe the world, in general, to be plagued by stress and strain. A present-day human is caught in between his family, social and corporate commitments. His productivity level decreases at his workplace and his relationship is strained at home. Eventually, he does not feel complete satisfaction in any of his roles. Quick-fix remedies and ad hoc solutions deal with the symptoms and provide only temporary relief. Soon, he finds himself back in square one. What is required is a scientific approach, which locates the root cause of the problem within oneself.

The solution lies in time-tested approach of Self-Management. Self-Management examines the most neglected, yet the most vital aspect of management viz. the manager, who is essentially an INDIVIDUAL. Educates him on his inner personality and prepares him to play various roles like manager in office, head of family at home, member of club and citizen of country. Develops intellectual clarity and objectivity by which he does not allow one role to interfere with the other. Thus equips him to lead a life of peace and productivity.

Uniqueness of the approach to Self-Management

  • Knowledge oriented approach based on proven laws of inner science.
  • Practical & applicable in day-to-day lives.
  • Clearly define the individual’s role to vis-à-vis his world.
  • Lead the participant to locate the root cause of the problem within oneself.
  • Develop clarity & strength of intellect to control one’s emotions.
  • Provide an overall view of the goal of human existence and develop vision and purpose of life.

Vedanta Institute Kolkata conducts sessions on Science of Self-Management for senior & middle management personnel and other interested members of corporate upon request.

  • Locate root cause of stress
  • Nature of human mind
  • Intellect, Intelligence & Faith
  • Relief from stress


It is no pessimism to state that the present-day world is infested with stress everywhere. With all the spectacular advancement of science and technology people are beset with trial and tribulation, worry and anxiety, sorrow and suffering in life. The bouts of pleasure and joy which they claim in their passage through life are but streaks of lightning in the darkness of distress. Nevertheless, there is little scientific investigation of this grave problem that humanity faces.

Management consultants conduct courses with no clue to the origin of stress. They offer cosmetic solutions which may provide some temporary relief. The psychiatrists merely fix labels of disease to stress. Their treatment is from the wrong end. They treat the effect rather than the cause. Self-Management locates the root cause of stress within yourself and equips you with a strong intellect to handle it.

  • Formula for success
  • Incentive v/s Initiative
  • Anger management
  • Setting goals in life


Productivity in business is directly related to success. In fact, success is measured by increase in productivity. There is a clamour for success all over the world. But few have attempted to define success and find out the true inputs to effectively achieve it. Success is an effect which belongs to future. Everyone wishes to gain the effect without really going into its cause. Mass of humanity craves for the fruit without even planting the seed. The cause for success is appropriate action.

Lack of initiative turns the work mechanical & burdensome resulting in fatigue. It would need external stimulants to activate the workers. Modern business houses constantly boost the workforce with incentives for personal reward. An initiative from within drives one to work tirelessly with enthusiasm and cheer. As he rids himself of anger and other negative emotions, he is able to visualize and set higher goals.

  • Love v/s Attachment
  • Bonds of marriage
  • Marital harmony
  • Moulding children


Love is the substratum of any relationship. Unfortunately, modern world glorifies preferential attachment as love. Harmonious relationships are based on duties, rather than rights. In life, be it business or family, you need to relate properly to whomever and whatever you contact. A lack of proper relationship would lead you to frustration and build up your stress. Ironically, people take utmost care to choose the ‘right partner’, but quite ignore the importance of ‘right relation’ with that person.

Parents have a difficult time relating to their children. They bitterly complain about their ‘independent and impertinent behaviour’. That they have gone out of control and stopped relating to them. Almost all parents point their finger at the young and see no fault of their own. Little do they realize that the problem of relationship invariably emanates from parents.

  • Exigency of action
  • Types of action
  • Three mental temperaments
  • Personality chart to assess yourself


Action is the insignia of life. None can remain without acting. Everyone is drawn to activity according to one’s natural temperament. If, however you choose to avoid action and remain idle, your life would deteriorate, lead to self-destruction. Nevertheless, the general tendency in human beings is to laze, shirk work. They look forward to weekends and vacations. Not realizing that living a lethargic life ultimately turns out to be monotonous and tiring.

How do we classify actions based on their motives? What is a morally right action or wrong action? Is sin inherent in the action? What are the causes, incentives and constituents of action? What is their classification according to our mental temperaments? How do I choose my area of activity? A study of these factors help us analyze ourselves and perform to our fullest potential.

  • Work life balance
  • Manifestation of ego
  • Deal with corruption
  • Rich man, poor man


Effective management requires personnel with ethical and moral values ingrained in them. These values are founded on selflessness. An unselfish approach would require a high and noble ideal to follow. Such an ideal is based on service and sacrifice at the physical level, feeling of love and friendship at the emotional level and thought of a charitable disposition and accommodation at the intellectual level.

People wonder why the dishonest prosper while the honest suffer. They complain of all-pervasive corruption and accept it as way of life. Can business & ethics go together? Is there a way to deal with corruption effectively? How do we relate to wealth? A study of inner personality from this angle helps an individual to steer his life with values & ethics irrespective of the nature of external world.

  • Value systems for positive living
  • Ideal leader
  • Source of inspiration
  • Practical aids for self-development


The world today is bereft of the fundamental values of life. Humanity has lost its morality and culture. And along with it peace and harmony. There is widespread internal and external disturbance everywhere. Humans alone can avert this tragedy by resurrecting the lost values. Living is an art, a skill, a technique. Few have understood it to be so in the span of human history. Nevertheless, you need to learn and practice the technique of living. As you would for playing a musical instrument or flying an aircraft.

A leader inspired from within will be able to inspire his followers. He does not merely point out the way; he actually goes forward, treads the path himself for others to follow. Certain practical techniques do act as conducive factors for practicing spirituality. But true is inspiration is from within oneself, the cause for which is wisdom of self-knowledge.


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