“Do not fall in love, but rise in love”
                    - Swami Parthasarathy

Swamiji's Profile

Internationally eminent philosopher & spiritual guide

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Vedanta Academy

Situated in picturesque hills of Malavli near Mumbai in India, the Academy offers 3 years full time residential program on Vedanta.



Ranging from introductory talks on Vedanta to full length lectures on Vedanta texts, watch recordings of Swamiji's lectures.



Articles on Swamiji and Vedanta around the world

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What is Vedanta

Vedanta is an ancient philosophy that systematically and scientifically expounds the eternal principles of life. These principles enable one to combine dynamic action with mental peace. Thus ushering material prosperity as well as spiritual well being. Furthermore, Vedanta bridges the gap between the known universe and the unknown Reality.It leads one to the ultimate experience of Self-Realization.


Primary objective

Primary objective of Vedanta Institute Kolkata is to disseminate the timeless values of Vedanta through the following avenues:

• Weekly study classes on Bhagavad Gita and Vedanta Treatise-The Eternities.

• Weekly classes for children on Value Education based on principles of Vedanta.

• Courses on Self-Management for colleges and management institutions.

• Talks on General Topics to service clubs and other organizations.

• In-house seminars for the corporate.

• Sessions of Bhajans and other sacred chants.

• Help organizing annual public discourses.


Select public lectures of Swamiji are webcast live. Their archives are available from time to time.