Corporate Workshops

After decades of intense research, an outstanding contribution of Swami Parthasarathy is translation of subtle philosophic themes of Vedanta into practical techniques of Self-management that enhance productivity, reduce stress and also promote sustainable corporate culture.

​Seminars and in-house programs on Self Management have received overwhelming response from premier management forums, corporate organisations and Universities around the world.

A selection of Swami Parthasarathy's presentations have been to:

Young Presidents Organisation (YPO)
​World Presidents Organisation (WPO)
Worldwide YPO/WPO Chapter Resource, Including Universities
World Economic Forum (Davos)
World Bank, NY
Brookhaven National Laboratories, USA
Harvard Business School
Wharton Business School
Kellog School of Management
Standford University
Cambridge University
Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) South Africa
IITs, India
IIMs, India

Swamiji's Self Management programs lay emphasis on :
1. The Principles of Stress Management
​2. The Science of Productivity
​3. The Essence of Leadership
​4. The Technique of Time Management
​5. Work Ethics for Corporate Governance
6. Governing Business and Relationships

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