Vedanta is an ancient philosophy that systematically and scientifically expounds the eternal principles of life.

These principles enable one to combine dynamic action with mental peace. Thus ushering material prosperity as well as spiritual well being. Furthermore, Vedanta bridges the gap between the known universe and the unknown Reality.It leads one to the ultimate experience of Self-Realization.


Primary objective of Vedanta Institute Kolkata is to disseminate the timeless values of Vedanta through the following avenues:

  • Weekly study classes on Bhagavad Gita and Vedanta Treatise-The Eternities.
  • Weekly classes for children on Value Education based on principles of Vedanta.
  • Courses on Self-Management for colleges and management institutions.
  • Talks on General Topics to service clubs and other organizations.
  • In-house seminars for the corporate.
  • Sessions of Bhajans and other sacred chants.
  • Help organizing annual public discourses.

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Self is the teacher. Self is the taught. Self is the subject.
  • Gita and Counseling

    Shankara’s commentary on Bhagavad Gita starts only from second chapter. The first chapter – which portrays the battle field and describes the anguish of Arjuna – is not commented upon, as Lord Krishna says ........READ MORE

  • Spontaneity of Creation

    Mundaka Upanishad chapter 1 section 1 mantra 7 explains the spontaneity of creation of universe from Brahman with the help of 3 powerful similes.“As the spider makes and withdraws (its web), as on earth herbs grow.......READ MORE

  • Neutralization

    Neutralization is a state where a person derives no pleasure upon contact with an object but experiences displeasure without the object. Then he is said to have neutralized with reference to that object. All human beings.......READ MORE

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Living is an art, skill, technique that needs to be learnt and practised.

Over six decades of study and research, renowned philosopher A. Parthasarathy has prepared a complete structured course on Vedanta philosophy. He has been teaching the course at the Vedanta Academy in Malavli, India since 1988.